Moshi Monsters Mission 10

Hey everyone!

Super Moshi Mission, Season 2 – Mission 10 came out yesterday and it is EPIC. Speaking of epic, here is where you can find the 3 mission epics.

Epic 1 –  Half way through the mini game where you chase Sweet Tooth, look at the bottom of the screen.

Epic 2 –  Mix a drink for Big Chief Tinyhead using the 4 potions with Super Moshi symbols on them.

Epic 3 –  Whil shooting the spaceships at the end of the mission, towards the end, it will fly across the screen, shoot it.

When you complete the mission, you will get to keep the 4 moshlings zoshlings in your zoo. Roarsome!

I have a special surprise competition for you all, coming soon. (As a Christmas gift!)

The current competition is now closed, good luck, I will look at the entries ASAP.



About xjd45313x

I am a Moshi Monsters fan, I enjoy blogging, but I am very busy, so will update as often as possible. Feel free to add me, jd45313, on Moshi Monsters.
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