MCNTM – Vote Now

Hey everyone!

The time has come…Time for you to choose which Fluffie is the fluffiest…which Spookie is the spookiest…it is Monstro City’s Next Top Moshling!

Vote for your favourite Moshling in each set below…

*This post is updated daily.

Please take the time to complete each poll and stick around to see who wins.


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An Introduction

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my Moshi Monsters blog, All Things Moshi.

At this site, you will find everything ranging from codes to pictures, tips and hints to videos and much, much more!

Here is a tour of my Moshi Monsters room:

Feel free to add me on Moshi Monsters, I will accept ASAP.

You can also like All Things Moshi on Facebook (On the right hand side of the page.) as well as follow @jd45313 on Twitter. (Also on the right hand side.)

You may advertise our site with pleasure and we might advertise your site back. *Banner coming soon!

I hope you enjoy our blog.

Happy monstering!



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Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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Recent Codes

FLUTTERY44 – 250 Rox

POPTAG66 – Poppet Tag

TENT88 – Glumpcake (Sweetcorn)

BLUE3634 – Sludge Fudge


THANKYOU10 – 100 Rox

POD49 – Toad Soda

DROOL1968 – 250 Rox

LAVA2038 – 250 Rox

RAINBOW434 – 200 Rox

SLURPY – Slime Rickey


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Remember Monstro City’s Next Top Monster back in 2008? Well,it was an awesome competition to see who was “best”.

Starting soon, we’ll host our own one…but the “m” at the end stands for Moshling this time.

That’s right…Monstro City’s Next Top Moshling!

You guys get the chance to vote for your favourite Moshling in each category. Then, your favourite from those. We’ll pick a top 10 and eventually 2 finalists.

Starting tomorrow (hopefully) you will be able to vote for your favourite in the first set.

Who do you think is going to win?


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Hey guys!

After part 7 of Somewhere Clover The Rainbow, you get Suey the moshling! Enjoy!

You also get the code BANANO.

Othere recent codes: PARTY – Furry Party Plinth

CLAWS928 – 250 Rox


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New Moshling (PREDICTION) + Competition

Hey everyone!

So, I was playing part 6 of Somewhere Clover The Rainbow yesterday, and I remembered that tomorrow we will get a free moshling. Are you guys excited? I sure am! So I started thinking about the different moshlings we could get and remembered:

O’Really said we must help him to find his, “Pot O’ Gold”. This means we will be finding some sort of pot, maybe we will get rox or something. Then, I remembered the last part of the missions where you caught the raindrops using this:


It looks like a moshling…and it is a golden pot. Hmmm… you think it is just a coincidence? Well, we will have to see tomorrow. This definitely looks like a moshling anyway…what do you think his name is?


Moshi Monsters has been having a countdown to the release of the Series 6 Moshling figures. Each day, they have released a picture of a moshling as well as some letters on THIS page. I haven’t had time to check, so I need the letters that have been released.

Here is what to do:

  • Comment on this page with the letters you know.
  • Show the spaces with a “_” (Eg. “The letters I know are L _ _ _ _ _ W G _ _ _“)
  • If you comment with these letters, you will be entered into a draw.

I will make a draw and the winner will receive the code for Leo the moshling.

Good Luck!


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Update Is Here

Hey guys!

Long time no see. It is finally here everyone:

ATM v13.03.16

It has taken a while, and some things wouldn’t and didn’t work. 😦 So we don’t have a few things I hoped we would, but I am working on getting them sorted out. I don’t have much time to blog anymore, but will inform you of anything major.

That’s it for now. Sorry for the short post.


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I’m so excited. Yaay, I won guys!! Still working on the update, really sorry but hang in there guys!!

Moshi Monsters Expressway

Well, well, well! It’s been a a few weeks since our huge Fantastic February contest begun! It was a HUGE success! I want to thank all the awesome fans and monsters on Moshi Monsters Expressway for entering and making so much fun!

In total, Moshi Monsters Expressway received a grand total of  159 entries!

We have one winner, and two runner ups! They are very lucky, and will be receiving some cool Moshi prizes!

First off, let’s reveal the answers:

Who created Moshi Monsters?: Michael Acton Smith
 How many monsters can you choose from to adopt?: 6
 Who is Moshi Monster’s company?: Mind Candy
 How do you get Oddie?: 3 Star Blossoms
 What year was Moshi Monsters released?: 2007
 What is the code for Roxy?: HOBBIDIDANCE
 What is the Roarker (Worker) eating on Main Street?: A sandwhich
 How many cows are there on Sludge Street?: 2
 Name an official…

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